The Galactic Conference 2018

This conference seeks to bring together people from around the world and universe to share vital information, to bridge the gap between humanity, ET's and Hybrids. There will be various speakers bestowing their knowledge regarding things such as alternative technologies, water contamination, the food chain manipulation, health care factors, cover ups, fracking, chem trails, crop circles, Alien contact, Hybrids amongst humanity and many many more. There will also be a specialised session for those that have experienced ET contact/abduction, this group is run by an experiencer, abductee and Hybrid. As well as the speakers there will also be stalls selling various articles, if you would like to book a stall please contact us. Workshops will also be in progress throughout the event. The main speaker is an experiencer, abductee and Hybrid. If you would like further details please get in contact.

The Galactic Conference Coming in 2018 - watch this space!

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