Nutrition course

Are you achieving your full potential? Explore natural nutrition and how this can benefit you in your everyday life and those that you care about. This course covers natural nutrition, techniques for health, how to achieve and maintain well being. We will also be exploring the connections between health, our planet, the universe, seasons, light, sound, the elements and much much more. If you feel in anyway unwell, tired, unfulfilled or feeling like you are not on your right path then this is most certainly a beneficial course for you.

Spiritual course

Do you feel disconnected from the world around you? Have your natural spiritual abilities been suppressed or would you like to build on the abilities that you feel that you already posses. In this course we will look at the importance of how our bodies are functioning and how this effects our psychic and spiritual abilities, sound, light, mood, out side factors such as environment and technologies, discover your own unique way to meditate and heal yourself, vibration work, auras, chakras and how to open, cleans and close them successfully, crystals, positive mind projection and much much more. If you feel disconnected, lost, unsure of yourself or what you should be doing with your life then this is definitely the course for you.

Alien/Hybrid courses

Run by a Hybrid, this course is specifically designed for those that have had contact/abduction and would like to work through their experiences. We will look at different technologies to help protect those having contact, explore encouraging contact in a safe way and for the purposes of the individual for contact. At times there is a great deal of fear experienced so during the course we will look at different techniques to help ease this and find your own unique way to combat the feelings of fear, anxiety and mood changes. There are many elements to this course so if you feel this course resonates with you and you are interested in attending, please contact us for further details.

Galactic healing course

A unique healing course channeled and run by a Hybrid, who has been shown techniques used by ET's for healing the mind, body and spirit. This course is not available anywhere else on this planet, be part of the reawakening of humanity and help to spread this much needed energy and healing throughout the planet.

do-TERRA essential oils

We hold regular do-TERRA essential oils courses run in Sussex and Glastonbury for those interested in exploring the use of essential oils and how to use these to help protect your and your families health and well being.

Click for my do-TERRA essential oils shop

All courses can be done online or in person and all courses are run by a Hybrid.

Student’s will receive a certificate on completion of the course.

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